Welcome to Ranieri Partners

Ranieri Partners LLC is led by real estate industry and Wall Street veteran Lewis S. Ranieri.  Founded in 2007, our organization has established a synergistic combination of investment strategies designed to capitalize on pricing anomalies and market dislocations across distressed sectors, as well as traditional asset classes.  Our objective is to provide our clients with an integrated investment platform, offering innovative and complementary solutions across the real estate, fixed income, consumer finance and corporate finance sectors. 

Our Strategies

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Residential Real Estate

We invest across the distressed residential real estate sector. We also provide residential mortgage primary and special servicing, as well as the origination and securitization of residential mortgages.

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Commercial Real Estate

We invest throughout the distressed commercial real estate sector.  We also provide commercial special servicing and servicing of multifamily mortgages, as well as diligence, valuation, outsourcing and technology solutions in the commercial real estate space.