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Ranieri Real Estate Partners (RREP) seeks to identify and capitalize on investment opportunities in the distressed commercial real estate sector. We invest alongside distressed financial institutions and owner/operators, working collaboratively to restore their fiscal strength. We invest across all property types and create value through special servicing, loan modifications and restructuring, and other activities aimed at asset resolution.

Jon Vaccaro

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner
Phone: 212-558-2058
Email: jonv@ranieripartners.com

Eric Schwartz

President and Founding Partner
Phone: 212-558-2066
Email: erics@ranieripartners.com

John Griffin

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 212-558-2086
Email: john.griffin@ranieripartners.com

Jonathan Pfeil

Phone: 212-558-2087
Email: jonathanp@ranieripartners.com